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Limited Edition — 20 uni.

Silkscreen Print with 5 colors by Jorge Ferreira Hands (colors might differ slightly from tee to tee because it's a handmade process)

Front and back printed 


Sizes — S, M, L, XL

Female model at the photo wearing size S and male M

T-Shirts Size Guide:

S — height: 66,5cm (since back)

          width: 48cm

          sleeve: 17cm 

          shoulders: 46cm

M — height: 71cm (since back)

          width: 49cm

          sleeve: 19cm 

          shoulders: 48cm

L — height: 72,5cm (since back)

          width: 53cm

          sleeve: 20cm 

          shoulders: 50cm

XL — height: 73cm (since back)

          width: 53cm

          sleeve: 20cm 

          shoulders: 54cm

Sweat Size Guide:

S — height: 63cm (since back)

          width: 51cm

          sleeve: 54cm 

          shoulders: 50cm

L — height: 68,5cm (since back)

          width: 56cm

          sleeve: 54cm 

          shoulders: 59,5cm

No exchanges and returns 

Photos: Matilde Cunha

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